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Web app mobile development

Web app mobile development

With the advancement of web development libraries, even JavaScript can be used in web app mobile development. In fact, you may even create apps that rival the quality of full-blown desktop apps created in C++. Let’s go over some viable JavaScript libraries that you can use to create amazing web apps.


Since 2015, Ember has been a popular language in both web development and mobile development. Popular websites, including Netflix, have taken advantage of its efficient data binding to serve customers.

As is, the library was created for efficiency, assuring that developers don’t need to write excessive amounts of spaghetti code. Not only that, the library is open source and has a thriving community behind it.


Meteor is another solid choice for web app mobile development. This library is flexible and can handle multiple parts of the software stack. This includes managing the back-end database, serving the front-end of the website, and logic handling.

Just like Ember, the library was designed to consolidate code for smaller file sizes and easier development. The library is also compatible with practically any mobile device, including Windows.


This is one of our favorite JS libraries for creating pure client-side applications. Most of its features are remnant of React and may be developed with XHR utilities.

This library is also extremely lightweight with its size being under 8kb. It also outshines other light libraries as it can reach a latency under 7ms.


Node should be an obvious choice as it has become the most popular back-end JS library on the market. It features an event-based architecture, loop support, and multi-platform compatibility. It is also designed without threads, avoiding the clutter of child processes.

This library isn’t necessarily the most lightweight on the market, but it is actively developed, secure and stable for most platforms. There is a reason why many big companies are solely using Node.


One of the easier libraries to learn for web app mobile development is Backbone. It is ideal for single page applications with most backend processes going through an external API. This keeps things easier and produces portable binaries.

URL routing is also extremely easy with this library. When a user scrolls down or interacts with a key function, a hashtag may be automatically added to the above URL. This makes bookmarking pages with long content even easier and allows the back button to be used on the same page.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Google pet project, Angular. The library simply lays down the framework to create simple web applications that automatically fulfill most industry standards.

It also uses two-way data binding, which allows changes to be propagated to the View instantly. Using scopes, Models and Views will be updated together in sync.

Final Thoughts

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