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Digital Shopfront

Digital Shopfront

A digital shopfront offers significant return on investment. Capture visitors and create customers by turning walls, windows, and panels into advertising. Digital glass offers cutting edge installation and solutions for creating advertising space from your unused shop space.

What is a digital shopfront?

Visual media is compelling. Thirty-five percent of customers report purchasing on Amazon after watching a video. Nearly thirty-three percent of customers were driven to a retailer due to such advertising.

A digital shopfront applies these principals to brick and mortar. People walk past your storefront ever day. Old customers and people who never entered your store before engaging with your external calls to action.

How does a digital storefront engage my visitors?

Pictures promote sales while videos engage the passerby with emotionally charged video. A blank storefront or a simple picture of a banana that never changes at your fruit stand does not serve as a promotion. A rotating picture of your target audience enjoying the same delicacy speaks a thousand words.

Video works. Instead of a single image, visitors interact with a message presented over dozens or hundreds of frames.

Can I produce my marketing material?

Digital storefronts open the opportunity to promote your products and services in real-time. Simple software connects monitors into a single as well as large whole.

You can generate marketing material with a simple video camera.  We recommend using editing software or a professional graphic designer when possible. Without purchasing prints or requiring additional construction, our software allows you to easily upload and display ads.

Can I save money with a digital storefront?

Displays are part of your marketing budget. This allocation may reach as high as twelve percent or more of your revenue. Construction and design costs run from dozens to thousands of dollars.

Digital displays do not require publishing and construction. Your monitors are already in place. You only pay for any design work. Over time, this saves you money and allows you to allocate resource to other areas such as search engine optimization.

How expensive are video displays?

Digital displays typically require monitors or other special equipment to create compelling visuals. Our experts help with setup and are willing to demonstrate the effectiveness of the medium.

Overall, a video display may cost as much as $20000 with some clients paying over $27000 for extremely large storefronts. The cost of your digital display depends on the size of your display with more monitors and labor required to cover more space.

Intuitive and easy to create digital shopfront

Digital Glass offers solutions for any retailer. We deploy cutting edge and almost invisible technology allowing you to take advantage of the power of the visual medium. With a proven return on investment, these displays are worth their cost.

We help our customers advertise 24/7 with demonstrations available on-demand throughout Australia. Whether your storefront is small, large, glass, or wood, we can help. Get in contact with our professionals and begin to experience the difference that digital advertising creates today.

Digital Shopfront

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